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Caldoors has experienced impressive growth over the years. Founded in 1998, today, Caldoors numbers among the largest door and window manufacturers in Jamaica and continues to pursue the ideal of excellence and innovation on which it has built its reputation.

  Growing continually,
Caldoors is proud to provide work for more than 50 people, depending on the production season. Automation, superior work organization and a value-added approach to manufacturing enable us to produce over 25,000 doors and windows annually. Each and every one is built to the highest quality standards, supported by outstanding after-sales service and backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

  With a PVC and technologies supplier like Royal Group Technologies, choosing a
Caldoors door or window is like acquiring half a century of know-how, quality and design expertise. So when you are in the market for doors or windows, invest in a name of excellence: Caldoors Ltd.

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