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Royal Mouldings

Royal Mouldings combine the beauty of top of the line decorative mouldings to a level of practicality unattained by the Standard mouldings on the market.

Made of a thermoplastic material specially formulated to resist impact and discoloration caused by ultraviolet light (UV) from the sun or various domestic lighting sources.


Not only can you paint Royal Mouldings, but they are also removable. This allows you to paint your walls without having the tedious chore of masking before.

Very easy to install, Royal Mouldings can be installed with or without the moulding corners.

Design to conceal all types of wiring (speakers, cable TV, computers, etc.) leaving you with a cleaner and safer environment.

No matter what you decide to use to install the mouldings, the system is designed to conceal nails, screws or staples leaving a top of the line moulding without any surface imperfections normally apparent with typical existing mouldings.

Different Moulding Styles
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