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Sliding Window Casement and Awning Window
4000 / 4200 Series - PVC Double / Single Hung Windows
Using the same PVC Profile (no special PVC inventory), this window can be assembled like any standard Double or Single Slider window on the market, add aluminums’ reinforcement on both Sash, Special Hardware and Laminated Glass and it becomes an impressive Hurricane Resistant Window that withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour (240km).

Impact Resistant Window Product
Designed specifically to meet the recent changes to specifications of the Florida Building Code, which is one of the most stringent building codes in North America, the RoyalGuard Double Hung 4000 Series and Single Hung 4200 Series are DP50+ Impact Resistant Window products.

4000 / 4200 Series Features
  • Fully welded 3 ¼'' (83mm) PVC frame.
  • Fully welded PVC sash with 3/16'' (5mm) single glazing or 7/8'' (22,2mm) double glazing IG.
  • Dedicated one piece header.
  • Dual durometer sash profiles with interior glazing beads.
  • Triple weatherstrip all around the sashes and double at meeting rail.
  • One piece interior and exterior meeting rails.
  • Tilting sash(es) for easy cleaning.
  • Integrated screwless flush tilt latches.
  • 7/16'' (11 mm) full or half interior screen.
  • Efficient sloped draining system.
  • Beautiful exterior bevel look.
4000 / 4200 Series Options
  • Fully compatible window series.
  • Same beautiful look, accessories and options for any types of windows.
  • Bay/ Bow connectors.
  • Various trims and accessories.
  • Rigid PVC brickmolds.
  • J channel.
  • Nailing flanges.
  • Interior dry wall returns.
  • Head extender / sill angle.
  • Structural mullion options.
4000 / 4200 Series Performance for double and single hung windows
    Impact Assembly - Meets or Exceeds
  • AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101/ I.S.2 / A440-05 (minimum DP50 rating)
  • ASTM E1300, E1886, E1996
  • TAS 201-202-203, REF. Florida Building Code
  • Large Missile Impact: “Level D”, Wind Zone 4

  • Standard Assembly - Conforms to
  • CSA-CAN-A440-00
  • AAMA/NWWD 101/1.S.2-97


1100 Series PVC Double Hung Window

Simple, yet surprisingly efficient, the 1100 window series fits any decor without being obtrusive.

Custom made to fit any opening, the sleek lines and simple but effective locking and counter balance system makes this window a perfect finishing touch.

1100 Series Features
  • 2" (50mm) rigid PVC frame.
  • 1/2'' (12mm) double glazed IG or 3/16" (5mm) Single Glazing.
  • Narrow profiles, unobstructed exterior view.
  • Even sightline and equal size glass panels.
  • Removable screen.
  • Handle integrated into the glazing profile.
  • Bay / Bow connectors.
  • Totally secure locking system.
  • Wide gamut of trims for both interior and exterior finish.


Hung Window Possible Configurations

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